Embracing the Single Life: Why Being Alone Might be the Most Romantic Thing You Could Do

If you’re anything like me, when you’re in a shitty relationship, romance is the last thing on your mind. You don’t want to think about cuddling, kissing, and going to nice restaurants with some amazing guy. You don’t want to think about sex. You’re too busy planning a move to some rural part of the country, where you can hopefully acquire a small, dark shack to live out the rest of your days in.

This is why I’m now a firm believer that you should get out of bad relationships as soon as possible. If having someone in my life causes me to feel less happy than I do without them in my life, that person gets the axe.

There is one requirement for maintaining this policy. You have to be willing to be alone.

Finding Peace with the Single Life

Maybe you’ve just gone through a breakup, and the pain is still fresh. Perhaps you’ve been single so long that it seems you might as well take the rural-shack route. Either way, taking a few minutes to stop and embrace the beauty of your single life can benefit you.

If you’re happy being single—awesome. I am too, and it’s a wonderful thing that I could rave about for hours. However, for this blog, I wanted to talk specifically about how being single can actually be a romantic choice that can assist you in not just finding a person but also the right one.

How Loving Solitude Can Help Prepare You for Your Next Relationship

Most of us, even those like myself who enjoy being single, would like to find an ideal partner to share life with one day. That is far from easy. The majority of couples don’t last a lifetime. That’s just how it is. However, happy partnerships do occur, so we all have reason to hope. And by being sinbookreader.jpeggle now, you’re actually doing the best possible thing you can do to attract your ideal romance.

  1. You’ll Have the Time to Think About What You Want

If you jump from one relationship to another out of desperation to not be alone, you’ll never have the peace and solitude required to reflect upon what it is you really need.

I’m a very big believer in the law of attraction. It’s mentioned in most of my stories, because I believe it to be a basic foundation of reality. To find the right person, you need to know what the right person looks like, and I don’t mean physically.

What sort of qualities would your dream partners have, and most important, how would they make you feel? If you can meditate on the feelings your ideal relationship would create for you, such as the feeling of being supported or how wonderful it feels to have a partner who gets your sense of humor, you’ll start attracting someone who will make you feel that way. Creating a vision board can help with this.

  1. Intimacy Will Feel like New Again

Okay, this one doesn’t apply to some of you, but I figured I’d go ahead and mention it. I don’t believe in casual sex under any circumstances. I’m not shaming you if you do. Please don’t think that. People should have freedom over what they do with their bodies, so if you feel casual sex is right for you, then go get yours.

That said, I reserve all forms of physical intimacy, from sex to cuddling, for people I’m in a committed, monogamous relationship with. Therefore, when I’m single for long enough, I start forgetting what these things feel like. In the future, when I do experience physical touch again, it will feel like the first time. There’s nothing quite like getting butterflies the way you did when you were young.

  1. You Won’t Come with Baggage

When we get out of bad relationships, a lot of people have a tendency to immediately look for another one. There are a lot of reasons for this, such as:

  • Fear of being alone.
  • Wanting to punish the ex.
  • The desire for sexual intimacy.
  • Hoping there’s a reason for all of this, and projecting those hopes onto an innocent person.

It all makes sense. It’s not easy to accept when someone hurts you. It leaves you feeling jaded and hating the universe. However, as a single person, you have the opportunity to work on healing and clearing the baggage out of your emotional mind without any distractions.

takeback.jpgYou’ll also have the chance to sort out deeper issues, such as childhood traumas, addictions, or other conditions that might be holding you back in life and love. That means, by the time a love interest appears in your life, you’ll be able to throw yourself into it with an open heart. You’ll also have developed the tools to walk away if it that person doesn’t turn out to be as great as they initially seemed.

  1. You’ll be Available

The simplest reason why you need to be single to find the right person is obvious: You’ll be available. What do most great romance novels have in common? They begin with single characters who are doing their own thing in life. Okay, maybe some romances do begin with scandalous circumstances, such as cheating, but the easiest way to prepare for a monogamous relationship is to  be available for one.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have standards or play hard to get. Just remember that if you stay with the wrong person out of fear of being alone, it’s going to be a lot harder when you eventually meet the right one.

     5. You’ll be Ready

The majority of people will embrace the possibility of romance when it shows up, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready. I am guilty of this myself. I never took the proper amount of time to heal after one of the hardest and most toxic relationships of my life. I should have realized what I’m seeing now: I need a nice, long period of my adult life to myself before I attempt to settle down with anyone.

Of course, embracing the single life doesn’t mean you’ll find the perfect partner as soon as you’re ready. It might take twenty tries, or it might take a lot more than that. But I do believe with all of my heart that the willingness to be single is a crucial component to finding the right person. Now that I’m on my own, I’m starting to believe in romance again. I won’t be attempting to date anytime soon, but if it happens suddenly, the way it does in novels, I’ll be open to it.

Until then, I’ll be enjoying my peace and freedom, doing what I want with my time, and experiencing true joy, because that’s how life should be. The right person will only enhance that.


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Embracing the Single Life: How to Heal after a Breakup

There’s one benefit of not having luck in love–years of looking on the bright side of relationship failure teach you to nope out like a champion. If you’re not there yet, and you need a little inspiration, allow me: A breakup is your moment of empowerment. You now have freedom and a lot of extra time for yourself. What are you going to do with it?

Two things are certain:

  • There is a unique healing path for you.
  • A number of things can help you feel better.


    Thinking about the beautiful memories with your ex will hurt, but that feeling will fade in time.

Accepting Reality and Owning Your Decision

A breakup isn’t a fight, and ‘breaking up’ and getting back together isn’t really breaking up. With breakups, there’s always a moment of no return. Every couple has one—either that or they live happily ever after until they die. Being able to witness this moment and accept it is a life skill. If you can master it, your breakups will be easier.

Talking to Friends

I love my friends, and I’m so thankful—since I forgot to do an official Thanksgiving post—for all of them. Family too. The people in my life remind me that I’m strong, and that is awesome. I hope you all have that too, but if you don’t, you can find it. Relationships are hard, and there are so many people going through the same things.

Releasing Anger

Cry, yell, or talk shit all you like, but avoid drama by keeping it private. If you spew your rage all over social media, you might regret it later.


A younger me looking pissed. I was less heartbroken but not as smart.

Try embracing the sadness and knowing it will help you heal. You’re constantly processing and learning from things. Commit to moving forward, and the dark moments won’t last very long.

Zoning Out

Books and movies can be therapeutic. Every storyteller has a unique take on relationships, and there’s always something to be learned. When you’re really feeling low, remember this important truth: it’s okay to view binge-watching shows on Netflix as your only reason for living. Don’t worry, everything will improve.


You’ve made the decision. You’re in the new chapter … and then one day, you miss your ex, and the cycle starts over. This results in neither a resolution to problems or an arrival at the point of no return. If you want to get over your break up, committing to your decision (or choosing acceptance if the decision wasn’t yours) is empowering.


When you’ve grieved, and things balance a bit, it’ll be time to start visualizing the future you want. Maybe that means a thrilling new romance. It could mean time to focus on your career goals, heal from the past, or work on your relationship with God. Make vision boards to keep the things you want to do fresh in your mind. Focus helps.

 Digging Deep

A lot of us have baggage from the past, and a breakup is a great opportunity to throw yourself into healing. What scars from the past are affecting you now? Do you have emotional damage that needs to be healed? Taking the time to work on yourself is like announcing to the universe that you are worthy of a great future. And


Having time to work on yourself can be healing.

you are. So don’t be afraid to face tough issues head on. Something that helps me a lot is EFT.

Believing in Love

Many blame themselves,sometimes even claiming that they must not be meant for relationships. It’s fine to choose the single life, just remember that every relationship is different. The only way to find romance with the right person is to make sure the wrong person—and all associated baggage—aren’t taking up any room inside your heart.

Loving Your Body

A breakup is a great time to make a fresh commitment to your body and health. Sweat out your pain at the gym, hit the dance floor, and never underestimate the amount of trauma that one relaxing yoga session can undo. A healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables will help you sharpen your mind and sort out your healing process.

You can get through this breakup. You’re a work in progress, and you have more power over your future than you know. Utilize it by maximizing your time and putting your freedom to work for you. Develop yourself and you will go far.

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