My new novel, FLASH IN THE DARKNESS, is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

This ghostly portal fantasy is filled with supernatural suspense and plenty of thrills. It’s a twisty-turny tale of a group of gifted individuals working together to save a missing family and discovering friendship and love in the process. While it features all the fun elements, from a fantasy afterlife realm and monsters to supernatural powers, it also explores deeper themes of loss, grief, abuse, trauma, and regret. But most importantly, it’s about hope, and the importance of holding onto it even when it seems all is lost.

I put so much of myself and my real life into this book. Several of the paranormal encounters are based on my own experiences with the spirit world. I poured a lot of my emotions in as well, feeling a personal connection with the characters in a way I haven’t before. Maybe because I too have gone through times in which everything seemed hopeless, and I had to trust things would be okay even when it felt impossible.

This story kept me motivated and helped me escape and relax over the last few years. I hope you all enjoy it as well.


Psychic visions.
Paranormal activity.
Out-of-body trips to the Far Sea, an oceanic spirit realm where guilt-ridden souls sink to the watery depths.

Why is Chris suddenly having all these strange experiences? He’s just an ordinary guy trying to recover from the tragic loss of his child.

While fleeing the latest poltergeist event, he bumps into Tessa and her daughter, two psychics entangled in the same paranormal situation. They reveal the source of their shared ghostly havoc: Jacob, a teenage spirit with a missing family—some of whom may still be alive. And Jacob isn’t alone. Something dark lurks in his vicinity.

As the paranormal attacks worsen, Chris and the ladies join forces, determined to find Jacob’s family. Chris and Tessa fall into a whirlwind romance, bonding as they use their gifts to search for answers. But the closer they get, the further they tread into a dangerous new world of portals, supernatural powers, and malevolent entities. And when the truth of what’s connecting all of them comes to light, they realize saving Jacob’s family—and themselves—will take facing their darkest memories.


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