Beyond My Dying Mind: A Life of Struggle and a Chance to Make Things Right

Hello world. It’s happening. I have a book on Amazon again.

Wanting Off This Rock but Wondering if the Next Rock Might be Worse

The book stars Noland Randall and Jasmine North, both in their early thirties before death, and both losers in their own eyes. Now, in some in-between realm where souls often end up post-suicide, they can see the happiness they would’ve found had they kept going.

One of the factors that’s kept me breathing during the darkest times in my life is the belief that killing one’s physical body doesn’t end anything. I could never get past the idea that I’d wake up in some twisted realm like Spine Desert, the opening location in the book. Or worse, that my death would force the burden of suffering onto others, both the people left behind, and perhaps a new existence too, reincarnated into a world like this one carrying similar negative patterns and traits.

Social Anxiety | I’d Rather Jump from a Moving Vehicle than Interact with You

The living Jasmine suffers from crippling social anxiety. If you’ve experienced it, you will relate to the waves of dread rolling over your body. The thumping heartbeat. The shaking hands and trembling knees. The way it feels to see yourself become a master in the art of avoiding people, leveling up your game every time you make a successful dodge. For the living Jasmine, this was her everyday life.

There’s more waiting out there for Jasmine, but she can’t see it. She’s spent so long isolated in a prison of her own creation that she’s lost the exit door. Because of her anxiety and PTSD, she thinks there’s no hope of ever having friends or being a healthy person again. Whether Noland can manipulate the course of life on Earth enough to change that in time, the story will tell.

If the Most Amazing Person was Standing in Front of You, Would You Feel Good Enough for Them?

This book tells a story of longing for someone who feels out of reach. I’ve known that feeling. I’ve asked myself the above question and gotten no in response. It showed me what I still needed to work on. Healing is a process, and there are no quick fixes, but life is bursting with abundant potential, even if we can’t always see it. That’s the overall message I hope comes across in this book.


BEYOND MY DYING MIND, a time travel fantasy available on Amazon.

“A compelling read with well-crafted characters, thoughtful dialogue, and a deeply moving central theme that is well executed by the author.” – Amazon Customer

“This book was incredible… seriously this is one of the best stories I’ve read in a very long time.” – M.E.A. 

“I love the reality of the problems the characters faces. It’s a perfect combination of real life problems with a fun and dark fantasy world.” – Brandi

“I absolutely loved this book. It’s a unique concept with some truly heartwarming moments. Once I started reading, I found I couldn’t stop until I had finished the whole story!” – Steph

More reviews are available on Goodreads.



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