Law of Attraction and Afformations: Why Do I Love My Life?


2 thoughts on “Law of Attraction and Afformations: Why Do I Love My Life?

  1. I’ve read of afformations elsewhere (Marc & Angel’s blog, I think?), but I can’t honestly say I practice this in my life. But I have reworded my negativity into an afformation. And I can attest that it truly does help your mind approach a problem or a hardship from a different perspective. And sometimes, that’s exactly what we need when facing negativity — especially self-negativity.

    Gratitude sometimes comes naturally, but oftentimes I find it a hard trait to live by. In this age of entitlement, you don’t hear much about appreciation. We may read about it, see quotes about it, but yet the mantra that surrounds us from every direction screams “more!” “better!” “improved!” and etc.: subtle messages that tell its listeners that we aren’t good enough. When we learn to stop desiring what others have and begin to appreciate what we DO have right in front of us (this is sometimes not an easy or simple task), and really know that it could be worse, then we can be on the road to pursuing our dreams and what fulfills us in the long run.


    • I agree about society. I’ve been practicing this stuff a while now, and it’s always a work in progress. Like you said, we are receiving a lot of negative messages all the time.

      For me it was like a flip switched in my brain the moment I learned about the law of attraction. I became aware of my thoughts for the first time in my life, and it never went back to how it was before. It makes it even more torturous for me when I do get stuck in negativity, but that’s okay, because I’m motivated to get myself out of it faster. Things can change so fast. It’s one of the scariest and best parts of life. 🙂


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