Fifty Shades of Grey [Film] : More Than I Expected

The other night, I finally got around to watching this. I’ve yet to check out the book and want to now, even though some of what I read about it turned me off a bit. I thought the movie was unique and fun.

What I Liked

I was impressed with the level of kinkiness, because it was intense enough to be hot but vanilla enough to appeal to a lot of people.

I thought Christian was okay. He wasn’t really my type, but I still enjoyed it. He was generous. There was a lot of assertiveness with his communication. He was direct from the start that he wasn’t looking for a typical relationship, and he even tries warning her that she might not like it. He has the power to manipulate her into it, and he doesn’t work it as hard as he could, choosing instead to be honest about what he has to give. He’s shut down emotionally because of his abusive past, but he’s also caring. It makes you see the spark of hope inside of him.

Anastasia’s cool quality is how open and brave she was about it all. It’s hard to buy that she’s never liked a guy before this, but who knows what her issues are … It would be cool to see her explored in a deeper way. I liked that she didn’t sign his contract without thinking about it. She seems to have pretty good boundaries and stands up for herself.

What I Disliked

  •  It was kind of weird how she went on the interview for her friend. Is that normal? It seems really awkward to me.
  • Some of the music was creepy. It made me feel like a psycho killer was near, and I’m not sure why they wanted to portray Christian that way. Unless he is a psycho killer, and I just don’t know it because I’m years behind on this story.
  • I hate heights, so romantic plane/helicopter rides are only so-so for me. I like the epic gesture, but I would so not be down for that, especially that terrifying plane. I might be okay with a private jet–but only if I didn’t have to look out the windows!
  • I hated when she yelled at him after he spanked her. I don’t blame her for not wanting it, but she asked him to do it and didn’t safeword. I guess these things happen, but ugh. #traumatic

This wasn’t the best movie ever, but it was sexy and interesting.

This was a good place to leave off because you can see it going either way for them. If they both work on it, they could help each other. It could also get really toxic.

Respect to E.L. James for creating an idea that appeals to a number of core desires. Wanting to healed, admired, pampered—and for some, imprisoned or even punished. The desire to lose control. It’s like a sweet salad of delicious concepts.

Rating: 4 Stars for concept, cinematography, and sexiness. Acting was okay; Dakota Johnson impressed me more than I was expecting.

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